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About Us


Jo is a mom, teacher, marathoner, yogi, nonprofit junkie, attorney and Mandarin speaker.  While practicing yoga with her children, she stumbled upon the idea to teach them Mandarin through movements, thus the birth of Kids Yoga Speak!

Will is in the fifth grade. With many years of Mandarin under his belt, Will’s Mandarin language skills are the best in the family. Will loves to play basketball, tennis and downhill ski.

Eden is in kindergarten.  She is outgoing, creative and has made many friends.  Eden likes to cuddle with dolls, swim and play make believe.

Behind the camera is our resident nerd/husband/dad Ernie, handling the website, iOS app development, videography, post-production, and distribution tasks.  Ernie is faithfully tackling yoga and Mandarin, in an attempt to keep up with the kids physically and linguistically.

We have returned from a year abroad living in Kunming, Yunnan Providence, China. Our adventures are chronicled in the blog linked via the right sidebar. As life returns to normal, we are continuing our journey with language, storytelling and yoga.

We would like to thank Sara Lazio @ Lazio Images, Tasha Fontanes @ Tasha Rae Designs, Kristen Boyle, Jen Gauerke @ Sour Grapes Design Studio, Ellen Winiarczyk and Heidi Baker for their help in launching us on this journey.