The 6PM Scramble

I frequently comment that the best thing I ever did for our marriage was to start planning meals for the week.  I’m half kidding, of course.  But after a string of many years of stressful, dinner-planning, 5:30 phone conversations I knew things had to change.  Now I sit down on the weekend and spend an hour making a list of the meals for the week and a grocery list.  It is easier than is sounds, as frequently I just pencil in “leftovers” or “takeout” for a night I know we will be especially busy.  Now that we have kids I let them each pick a meal one night per week.  This has the added benefit of letting me prepare something that is more adult-friendly and wouldn’t necessarily suit their palates.  So give the menu planning a test run next week and let us know if your Six O’Clock Scramble disappears a bit!