Little Free Libraries


It’s inevitable…the school year rolls around and all of a sudden we are out of swimsuits and back into carpools.  We have the usual bumps transitioning, but this year I’ve discovered something that is invigorating our drives to/from school.  Have you spotted the Little Free Libraries popping up all over the place?  I love the concept, which rolls reading into community into philanthropy.  Small boxes are constructed to house books that people have finished reading and are ready to share with others.  The boxes are mounted any number of ways and sit on the front lawns of homes in our city.  People can drop by, check out the offerings and leave their own, if they are inspired.

We have a Little Free Library on our route home from school, and the kids and I have made it a habit to stop once a week to donate and collect new books.  Now if I can just get the construction of a Little Free Library on my “honey do” list, I will be ready to take this concept to our own front yard!