No Sweat Packing Tip

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As someone who happily borrows tips for staying organized from other people, I am thrilled to have finally developed an idea on my own!  At least I hope it’s my own.  This one involves traveling and packing, something we have done a lot of lately.  On packing days I have inevitably ended up running around the house grabbing things we need with no particular system.  I don’t like to use other people’s packing lists, as I always need to adapt/rewrite them.  Then there is the issue of printing them, which seems like a waste of paper.  Or, if they are computerized, there is the lugging of the iPad or laptop around the house as the packing takes place.

So instead of having a halfway decent system, I have opted to have no system at all.  Until our most recent trip, when I paired a plastic DVD sleeve (any clear plastic sleeve will work) and the back of the insert that came with it (any white piece of paper that fits your plastic sleeve will do).  I made my own packing list, slipped it inside, and using a white board marker, crossed off items as they got packed.  When the packing was done, I wiped the plastic clean and the list goes away for the next trip.  What do you think…is there a patent in my future?  Add YOUR tips and help us all get better at packing!