New Adventures


We got some great advice a few months ago when talking about our United States re-entry with a former expat.  He suggested planning your NEXT trip while you are still on the current one.  I think the idea may have been aimed at planning something small and domestic, but at dinner tonight we took it a step further and thought a few years into the future.  We hope that there might be more adventures brewing, though perhaps not as long and far flung as this one was.  Here is what we came up with:

Will:  Fishing in Canada with Dad, camping with Dad, skiing with Dad.  Can you tell how sick to death of me my poor son is?

Johanna:  Living on a working farm for a month in Scotland/Ireland/Wales, then touring Europe.  New Zealand for a month at Christmastime, where it would be summer.  Living in a safari camp in Africa for a month.

Eden:  Anything involving horses or pedicures.

Ernie:  Road trips…Montana, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Route One in California, Vancouver

I have no doubt that some of these adventures are in our future.  Happily for Edie, I bet we can even squeeze in pedicures and horsebacking this summer.  Meanwhile, we still have Vietnam and Laos ahead for us at the end of this week.

We’d LOVE to hear from you…what exotic, or not-so-exotic places are you hoping to visit soon?

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