Drama in the Skies

airplane_windowI love traveling, but gosh do I hate flying. I wouldn’t say I am quite the person who needs to take narcotics to survive a flight, but my family has learned over time that I am not the best conversationalist when we are taking off or landing. My anxiety surely is a result of being a too type-A and/or too much of a control freak, right? Happily, some of those personality traits have lost their luster this year. Living in a communist country is a little like playing the lottery. You can take a chance at guessing how things might play out, but you rarely win. Just last week I was informed that the upcoming three-day Chinese holiday would require that I work the prior Saturday and Sunday to “make up” for the fact that there would be days off the following week. Who knew!?

So while my need to control has definitely lessened this year, the many plane rides we have taken are never easier. And we are often on small planes, flying in and out of tiny airports with no clear departure gates, or for that matter, departure times. There are bright sides to this experience. Last month in Myanmar, our flight was delayed and the flight crew brought all the passengers in the waiting room take out noodles in Styrofoam containers. But there is always eventually a plane to board and a runway to race down and turbulence to maneuver. So for all of you who have conquered your flying fears, how is it done?