Travel Bug

With summer around the corner comes an onslaught of family road trips.  Your mode of transport might be car.  Or train.  Or plane.  Whatever the method, joys and challenges come in spades.  And if you are lucky, there might be a hotel in the picture.  This year we have visited enough hotels to fill a lifetime and for better or worse, we have developed our own criteria for what will make a hotel likely to succeed for us.  Cause we have had some that haven’t, and yea, those are long nights that make me want to crawl into the bathroom and sleep in the tub.

As it happens, we really only need three things…and they can be found in hotels big and small, expensive and cheap.  A pool for the kids…the ultimate way to burn off those ya-yas that build up with traveling and waiting and sitting.  Wifi for Mom and Dad…so we can reconnect with family to let them know we made it safely to our destination, and yes, so we are able to stream the latest episode of Mad Men.  And lastly, a breakfast buffet.  Nothing fancy…some Fruit Loops, yogurt and coffee will be fine, thanks.

We’d love to hear more from our readers…what ensures your trip with be silky smooth?