Head Scratchers

QuestionMark_I have spent plenty of time this year pondering cultural differences, and boy have I come up with a laundry list.  Both the things about Americans that make the Chinese scratch their heads, as well as the reverse.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Why Americans scratch their heads:

1.  What’s the deal with most people buying plane tickets the day before they leave?

2.  Why do you make your kids go to school on the weekends?

3.  Is it really healthier to sleep on a one inch mattress?

4.  Why can’t we walk on the grass in any of these parks?

Why Chinese scratch their heads:

1.  Only two weeks of vacation a year for the average worker?

2.  Wait…individual citizens can own assault weapons?

3.  What’s the deal with tipping at a restaurant?

4.  What’s a babysitter?