Doing More With Less


In keeping with the theme of PURGE from a few weeks ago, I have tried to transition our playtime props to the basics.  At least while we are in transition here in China, this is a better way to manage the piles that accumulate on the hotel room floors and corners of our tiny closet.  We recently invested in a plastic tub here that cost 15 yuan…about $2.25.  Originally bought for the purpose of becoming a makeshift Beyblade stadium (anyone with a boy age 6-15 will know what Beyblades are), it has now served as a serving bowl for various liquid concoctions, a target for Nerf darts, a hat, a storage container for toys, a drum and a foot bath.  The last one was my favorite invention, as I was on the receiving end.  What more can you ask for the price of a coffee at Starbucks!?  Anyone else have favorite props made from everyday items?