The Big Purge


How often do we take the time to clean house, to purge, to really rid ourselves of that which is weighing us down…emotionally or physically?  I have had a chance to do this recently in a big way, and gosh, does it feel good.  I am inspired to try to continue this trend in my life.  I thought I was already a living simply kinda gal, but after cleaning out 20-30 boxes and bags of who-knows-what and loading them into a truck bound for Goodwill, I felt like a new woman.  And to see all of our worldly possessions occupying only one side of a two-side garage is pretty cool.  Even the smallest tasks in this process felt good…cleaning out the silverware drawer, scrubbing the pantry shelves, emptying the medicine cabinet of expired bottles and pills.  What purging do YOU do in your life that helps you feel lighter?