Who’s Mom and Who’s Dad? Yoga Pose: Pigeon ☯ Chinese Word: Mom & Dad

Once upon a time there was a māma and a bàba and they were interested in different things.  Can you guess who was the māma and who was the bàba?  Here’s a hint…listen to my silly voice!

I love to work in the garden and sometimes I sing in the shower.  I’m a māma.
I like to cook dinner and on the weekends I go to the theatre.  I’m a bàba.
I play guitar and one day I want to drive a red sports car.  I’m a māma.
I have a beard and my favorite food is pizza.  I’m a bàba.
I have many friends and I am good at playing chess and changing diapers.  I’m a māma.
I read lots of books, draw comic strips and I am also good at changing diapers!  I’m a bàba.