The Escape Room, Continued


A month has elapsed as we have gotten settled here in our new hometown of Kunming, China.  The kids are starting school shortly, and we have been trying to get into a new rhythm.  Much has changed…the way we eat, the way we sleep, our friends, the way we communicate and try to accomplish daily tasks.  There isn’t much that is the same, actually.  True to my word, the one thing I have tried to do is create spaces for each of us in our new home.  The Escape Room that I blogged about a few months ago has taken shape, and I have shared a photo here.  A simple window ledge, a shag carpet, a pillow, laptop desk and a box for files/desk supplies.  The finishing touch is a curtain that can be pulled at any time for privacy.  What’s more, there are four of these in our home, one for each of us.  Who needs a room when you have a windowsill!

More about yoga and how that is unfolding here in China sometime soon!

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