Wheels Up!


Movement in a big way is happening for us in a few days.  Our much-anticipated move to Asia starts on Wednesday, with a haul to O’Hare and a 24 hour trip to Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, where Jo will start her teacher training, and the kids and Ernie will breathe, do a few down dogs and soak in their new home.  The idyllic bubble we have been living in for 6 weeks at the lake will be replaced with a different kind of adventure.  Many ups and downs are ahead, and we will all deal withe the changes in our own ways.  The yoga mats are packed, and today I took one last class at my beloved studio here in Denver.  The theme of the day was perfection…or, as the instructor advised, being okay with something less-than-perfection.  I hope that we will grow as a family this year as we navigate the perplexing waters of living overseas.  But it will not always be perfect.  It will not always be fun.  It will not always be comfortable.  The best we can hope is that it will be meaningful and allow us to grow and change in positive directions.  We have been waiting for departure day for a long time, but the day itself is only one tiny day in the greater journey.  We look forward to having you join us this year and look forward to your comments, insights, support and laughter from across the miles.  Wheels up on Wednesday…stay tuned!