The Girl Who Loved Everything Yoga Pose: Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend ☯ Chinese Word: I Love

There once lived a girl named Olivia. And she was very happy…so happy in fact, that she loved everything!  She was adventurous and smart and a little bit silly.  She loved every kind of food…so much in fact, that she developed a large belly!  One day her friend decided to see just how many things she loved in life.

“Do you love broccoli?” he asked.

Wǒ aì broccoli!”

“Do you love eggs?” he asked.

Wǒ aì eggs!”

“Do you love cookies?” he asked.

Wǒ aì cookies!”

“Do you love a bag of garbage?” he asked.

Wǒ aì garbage!”

“Do you love my smelly feet?” he asked.

Wǒ aì smelly feet!”

And at the end of the day, she had a big, fat tummy ache.  But she still lived…happily ever after.