The Robot And The Bird Yoga Pose: Upward Salute ☯ Chinese Word: Bird

Once upon a time there was a girl niāo who was quietly enjoying a piece of fish.  Suddenly, a robot came up and frightened the little niāo.  The robot said, “Come fly with me!  I will find you a friend you can live with.”  So, the robot and the niāo flew east and they flew west until they came to a beautiful waterfall.  There, the niāo saw a bunch of colorful birds and she asked the robot, “Which one should I chose?  There are so many and very colorful indeed.  I cannot chose who to live with!”  “Well, since you are a girl, it would be fun to chose a boy.  Or if you want, you could chose a girl because you know a lot about what other girls like,” said the Robot.  So the niāo thought and thought and then suddenly, she came up with an idea!  “I know!” said the niāo.  “I will chose a boy and a girl to live with.”  So she found the friendliest boy and girl to live with and all three lived happily ever after.