My summer exercise routine is always a little different than the school time routine.  Namely, I single parent for most of the summer, and that means getting up early and working out with a 4 year old underfoot.  Not ideal, in anyone’s world.  The one advantage I have identified is that my daughter sees me jumping, stretching and dripping with sweat for at least 30 minutes.  During the other 9 months of the year, I run or exercise away from home, and for all she knows, I could be going shopping or getting a pedicure.

With the start of the Olympics around the corner, we are talking a lot about movement and exercise and health.  Movement looks different in every family.  Maybe it is walking or biking or climbing or stretching.  But one thing is for certain.  Your kids learn from you, and if you’re moving, chances are good that they will keep moving, too!  So here’s to MY mom, who got out there on dirt farm roads and ran for miles.  And to Dad, who swam laps regularly at the local pool.  We were paying attention, Mom and Dad!