The Escape Room


There has been a lot of talk around here about what we need in a living space the next 12 months.  Our current house to begin with is not large, and the thought of downsizing further is a bit daunting.  But we are moving to China, after all, and it isn’t exactly the hotbed of large scale expat housing.  So it’s come down to the basics….a decent internet connection and three bedrooms.  I originally had other items on my requirements list….a yard, proximity to a park, quiet neighborhood, good access to a bus line.  But slowly we chiseled away at my list until it came down to only two bullet points.  The three bedrooms is what we have now at home, but next year we envision the kids will share a bedroom, we will get our own, and we simply must have what we now refer to as an  Escape Room.  A place for any of us to escape from the sounds, escape from the overwhelming sights, escape to get work done on a computer, escape to listen to music or stay in down dog for a really, really, really long time.  In my dreams it will have soft, plush carpet and piped in Pandora and a cushy bean bag chair in which collapse.  In reality it will more likely have a cold tile floor and a view of the alley.  But it will still be an escape.  Stay tuned.