Gorilla Goes Bananas Yoga Pose: Gorilla ☯ Chinese Word: Gorilla

Once there was a lush green jungle in a faraway land.  In this jungle lived a dà xīngxing.  He ate many yummy treats, but his favorite food of all was bananas. One day while he was sunning himself, our dà xīngxing smelled a banana.   He jumped from shù (tree) to shù (tree) trying to find that banana, and finally he spotted his friend Mr. Monkey.  Mr. Monkey was just licking his lips and said, “Sorry my friend, I have eaten all the yellow bananas and there is only this brown one left.”  Well our dà xīngxing was very sad to hear this.  He jumped back through all the shù (tree) until he came to his second favorite food, which was chocolate.  And he gobbled down every last bite.