The Dragon And The Mountain Yoga Pose: Mountain ☯ Chinese Word: Mountain

Once upon a time there was a purple dragon who lived in the city. The city was a funny place for a dragon, and he longed to live in one place…a very tall shān.

So this dragon left his home in the city and went in search of a very tall shān. To get there, he ran and he took a bus and he took a plane and he took a boat and he looked and looked all over the world for a very beautiful shān.

And finally he found it! And when he got there, he sniffed the ground in search of his favorite food, which was pizza, because he was from the city, of course. But alas, there was no pizza on this very beautiful shān. And so the dragon learned to love grass and flies and every now and then…a big fat frog!  And he lived happily ever after.