Welcome to our first blog entry, where we will post stories and info about our adventures in teaching language through movement.

Though fairly new to yoga, I have quickly come to realize its benefits in so many critical areas, from clearing one’s mind to increasing flexibility to teaching patience.  Always an early riser, I used to come home from my morning workouts over charged and ready to do battle with whatever was awaiting me during the day, from kid drama to late mortgage payments to lack of sleep.  Since starting my yoga practice, my morning routine has changed from high intensity to high serenity.  Sure there are cracks here and there, but as my husband and kids will attest, I am no longer the highly wound woman I once was in those early morning hours.

Already the most spoken language in the world, Mandarin Chinese is quickly becoming the foreign language of choice at the university, high school and even elementary levels.  While some may disagree on its usefulness in a daily American setting, it is hard to deny that it is here to stay on the global stage.  Will and Eden speak Chinese in a natural and unrestrained manner, while Ernie and I bumble along with our tones and awkward phrasing.  Our bumbling causes them both great belly laughs, and is one of the reasons we embarked on our journey to learn words together.  With our year-long adventure in China approaching in three short months, we foresee many a belly laugh ahead for all of us.

For those new to yoga and language, rest assured that Kids Yoga Speak will always be more about spending time with your children and less about perfecting your yoga moves or your tones in Chinese.  We hope that each of you can use our stories as a jumping off point for slowing down your day, learning a new word and hopefully laughing a bit in the process.  Welcome!