Turtle’s Party Yoga Pose: Boat ☯ Chinese Word: Hello & Goodbye

Once there was a silly turtle who was feeling a little blue.  So he decided to invite as many friends as he could to his favorite swimming hole for a party.  He called each and every one of them, and suddenly he started to hear knocks on his door.

Knock Knock!
Nǐhǎo, Dog!” said Turtle.

Knock Knock
Nǐhǎo, Duck!” said Turtle.

Knock, Knock
Nǐhǎo, Frog!”  said Turtle.

The four friends raced to the swimming hole and they jumped into the cool water.  They swam and swam for many hours until the sun began to set.  And when it did, they hopped out of the water, dried off and prepared to go home.

Zàijìan, Dog!”  said Turtle.
Zàijìan, Duck!”  said Turtle.
Zàijìan, Frog!”  said Turtle.

The Turtle closed his door and said goodbye to his friends and began to plan his NEXT party…and this time, he was going to invite his friends to a pizza party!