The Giant’s Chair Yoga Pose: Chair ☯ Chinese Word: Chair

Once upon a time there was a happy giant.  He lived in a tall mountain in a faraway land. Though he was happy, he had one problem.  Because of his enormous size, he only had the ground to sit upon.  My oh my, how that giant wanted one thing in life.  He wanted an yǐzi. So off he went in search of an yǐzi big enough for him.  He searched all places west, and all places east, but still he found no yǐzi. He sat down on the ground and was just thinking about how he would live out his days, when all of a sudden down from the sky flew a bird, who said, “Don’t fear Mr. Giant, for I have seen the biggest yǐzi of all…follow me!”

So the giant jumped up and followed the bird west and followed the bird east until they came to the biggest forest the giant had ever seen, and it was full of other happy giants, all sitting in their very own yǐzi.  Our giant searched the forest and found his own, perfect yǐzi he sat down in it, and fell fast asleep.