The Horse And The Flower Yoga Pose: Horse ☯ Chinese Word: Horse

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful .  She lived out in the country in a grassy field and she loved to eat flowers.  She ate so many pink flowers that one day one of those flowers spoke to her and said, “, will you please stop eating us and go in search of some green grass instead?”  “I would be happy to…but where?” said the . The flower pointed her petals as far and as wide as she could to a field many miles away and said, “Over there!”  The  ran as fast as she could and when she arrived she nibbled the green grass for hours and hours until her belly was full.   And meanwhile, the pink flower was so very happy to spread her seeds and soon her field was full of new flowers in every color of the rainbow.  And the  and the flower both lived happily every after.