The Cat And The Tree Yoga Pose: Tree ☯ Chinese Word: Tree

Once upon a time there was a very tall shù.  He lived in a yard with many birds and an occasional squirrel or two.  One day the shù was enjoying the sun when all of a sudden he felt something clawing his rough bark.  It was a cat, and the cat was being chased by a fox.  Well this shù had never had a cat claw his bark before, and he was surprised. The cat climbed the shù and the shù stretched his branches tall and wide for the cat to get to the very top branch.  There, the cat rested until before long the fox gave up and went in search of other tasty treats.  The shù stayed tall, as the cat slowly climbed down, took one final scratch of his claws on the bark and said, “Thank You shù!”